In GRADES 6-8 STEM Science & Engineering, students investigate their world through two unique perspectives. Students explore and contribute to the natural world through Inquiry, Scientific Research, and Experimental Design Processes. They discover and improve the designed world through Creative Innovation and Engineering Design Processes. Throughout this exciting year, students will develop productive and insightful ways of thinking about, exploring, explaining, and improving the natural and designed worlds. Students will develop their process skills and content knowledge as individuals, as well as through dynamic collaboration.

  • Systems, Order, and Organization
  •  Evolution and Equilibrium,
  • Evidence, Models, and Explanation
  • Structure and Function
  • Constancy, Change, Measurement
  • Systems Analysis

Seventh Grade STEM Science & Engineering students are continually encouraged to strive to become innovators and problem solvers! They aspire to make sense of their world by identifying and understanding various unifying concepts and processes, throughout both the designed and the natural worlds, including:

By becoming inspired, self-directed, 21st Century Learners, Seventh Grade STEM Science Students embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and innovation, as they contribute to a better future for mankind through the understanding and advancement of Science and Engineering.

Welcome to STEM 7th Grade Pre-Ap English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR)! Throughout this course you will use critical thinking and analytical skills to read, write, speak, and create. Annotation of reading selections, identification of author's purpose, and analysis of literary devices will accompany your daily experience and enhance your learning curve. To increase your word power, vocabulary instruction and extension will provide you with many opportunities to expand your internal word bank. Couple reading and vocabulary together, and you will trek through the land of sentence development and composition construction. By the end of the course, you will be 8th Grade Pre-Ap ready! 

This course engages students in sciences related to the Earth and populations of the Earth.