Self Insert

You are going to write a metaphorical self-insert epic using the framework of the monomyth and the archetypes we talked about in class. So:

1. Choose a goal for your quest (pass the AP? Win the championship? Catch a lizard?)
Choose a helper archetype and a person to fit within it (Am I the Mentor? Is Ms. Keeling a magical fairy giving you directions?) 
Begin to plot your Hero’s Journey based on the Monomyth as a bulleted list of the steps.

Be as whimsical as you like with the archetypes (they’re guidelines, not actual rules), but I would like this quest to at least somewhat resemble your actual life.

So, for example:

Goal: acquire dinner
Helper: Ms. Keeling (ally)
Call To Adventure: my stomach rumbling at the end of school
Helpers/Amulet: Ms. Keeling offers to take me in her SpaceCar
Crossing the threshold: leaving school (which is an Ordeal).